4 Movement and The Birth of The Sun


4 Movement and the Birth of the Sun.

4 Movements and the Birth of the Sun is a video-lecture that seeks to examine the role of fiction and storytelling within the migrant imagination. This work investigates the politics embedded in representation and the way they are manifested upon bodies (itinerant bodies, migrant bodies, bodies of color). The artist alternates roles on the screen and in-person, as a way to confront internalized systems of power and the ever-present narratives of normativity on the screen.

Produced in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and in Chicago, IL, the short film tells the story of 7 River, a fictional character who encounters the story of her past for the first time by accessing the archive of memories her people stored in Water. Water is the receptacle for their knowledge and cultural memory; it is also their language and their way of life.

The story draws from several cosmologies and creation myths, like the Nahua tale of the 5 suns. I am interested in the role that fiction has played in the formulation of possible realities or futures, but also in the construction of the past. The short addresses a necessity, perhaps a personal one, for an alternate imaginary.

This piece contains a didactic element, which is a lecture that accompanies the screening of the film on the day of opening. A script is prepared and choreographed to the tempo of the film and also tailored to the institution or location of its showing. The film then exists as a video installation for the duration of the exhibit.